One of my followers commented that they were involved with teaching reading. I would like to share my experience with a junior high student in my English class.

In the open house before the first day of classes, a mom came up to me and asked if it was acceptable for her son to do his work on yellow paper with blue lines. (Some of you may remember it as “Golden Rod”.) She explained that he had writing difficulties and his printing/writing was better on this type of paper.

This piqued my curiosity. I bought some “Golden Rod” paper and compared writing on it with writing on the white ruled notbook paper usually used in middle and upper grades. The “Golden Rod” was much easier on the eyes and comfortable to use, particularly under bright flourescent lights.

I looked at our text book. Black print on glossy white paper. I had an idea. I purchased from the stationary store enough transparent yellow sheets for the whole class. I asked them to try reading their book with the yellow sheet over the page. About half of them preferred reading with the yellow sheet. About half of that number continued using them. A few took them home with them.

Subsequently, I tried other colors, but yellow seemed to work best. If you have reluctant readers, or readers who get headaches, this might help.

Footnote:  It appears that the Golden Rod writing tablet may no longer be produced and may have been a regional product.  Therefore, a description may be necessary.  The Golden Rod writing tablet was bound yellow paper with blue lines of a cheap stock.  It was primarily used in elementary schools because of its inexpensiveness.  If you do a google search, you will find a paper that is used to show acid or base.  Not what I am talking about, but neat for a science class.  God, I feel old.

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