JOB ONE for the Veterans Administration

Ford Motor was in big trouble.  The cars they produced were in a word horrible.  Today, they are one of the best domestic cars made.

How did they do it?  It was a program called “JOB ONE”.  I knew workers involved in  this program at the Lorain Ford assembly plant in Lorain Ohio.

Ford went to all their workers and asked how can we make a better product, and how can we do it more efficiently?  They told the workers that if their suggestions were instituted, they would get a cash bonus.  Workers i knew earned rewards from a few hundred dollard to a few thousand dollars for an individual suggestion.  Some workers earned more than one bonus.

Why is business and government so reticent to ask the people who do the job on a daily basis how the job can be done better?  Instead of blue ribbon committees, special committees, and high priced consultants from businessand Wall Street; I would suggest, ask, even beg that the Veterans Administration ask the people who do the job what needs to be done.

I hope that after decades, The V.A. and this President will finally ask those with real expertise how to get the job done best.  Could a few bonuses cost more than what is currently wasteed in political theatre and finger pointing?

I know I am an optimist, but maybe somebody in the V.A. or the government will think about a different way to approach this and other problems.

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