Why I Might Approve SCOTUS Ruling In Favor of Hobby Lobby

Ok, SCOTUS has already ruled that corporations are people.  Then, people must be corporations.

If the court rules that corporations can not obey the law of the land if it disagrees with their religious freedom, then people are entitled to the same protection under the Constitution.

That means that if it is my belief that war is immoral and I am  opposed to the actions of our military, I will not have to pay my income tax for whatever percentage of the budget that was for the military.

If it is my belief that it is immoral to kill animals for food, then I will not have to pay that percentage of the federal budget that provides benefits or tax benefits to the beef industry.

If it is my belief that the Congress is immoral in the way that they fail to conduct the business of the people, I can deduct the portion of my tax bill that goes to paying their and their aids salaries.

I could certainly the savings in my tax dollars.  What if I believe it is immoral to take form someone that belongs to them without their permission;  I wouldn’ have to pay any income tax at all.

I’m not a lawyer or Supreme Court judge; but….


It’s Time to Make a Choice

Part of the problem with Christianity is that its followers have failed to throw off the yoke of The Old Testament.  The New Testament and the Old Testament are diametrically opposed.  The New Testament teaches love, compassion, caring.  The Old Testament is about violence and revenge.  What else can you call the threat of fire, brimstone and damnation.

What if our politicians were not allowed to quote the Old Testament, but instead were only allowed to quote the New Testament.  The New Testament is one of inclusion.  If we get rid of the Old Testament, we could really mean it when we asked, “What would Jesus do?”.

WWJD about extending unemployment compensation?

WWJD about funding meals on wheels?

WWJD about Medicaid?

WWJD about immigration reform?

WWJD about gay marriage?

WWJD about the money changers on Wall Street?

WWJD about Social Security?

WWHD about a man who couldn’t find a job?  (Would he suggest to his followers that they should teach a man to fish when there was one fish for each fisherman?

WWJD about casting the first stone at a sinner?

WWJD about any social issue?

How can we as a society continue to support and elect politicians who insist that our government does the exact opposite of WWJD?






God and Me

Is it more important that I believe in God, or that God believes in me?

If it is more important that God believes in me, that shifts the whole belief and worship paradigm.  If the focus is that God believes in me, then God has faith that I will make the right choices.  I then would have the ultimate responsibility for my life. What would become important is not what I ask God for, but rather what i do with what God has given me.  There is no longer then a God who needs worship, but rather a God that has given us what we need and trusts us to do the right thing.  The focus shifts from belief to action.  It emphasizes our use of free will and the responsibility that goes with it.

There is no need to beg for forgiveness; God accepts and believes that we will choose to do what we believe is good.

Is it time for a paradigm shift?

A Little Old Man in a Dog Suit

As soon as he was out of puppiehood, Fletchie was in charge.  He knew what time the alarm went off for work and made sure that we were up before that.  Did you ever wake up to a poodle face looking down through big furry ears into your eyes?

When Fletchie thought it should be our bed time, he would go to our bedroom door and bark once.  And then if one bark was not enough he would sulk into another room.  You could hear him thinking “stupid humans”.

Both our boys were curious.  Check out the picture of both boys checking me reading in a previous blog.  Fletchie had to supervise everything.  Anything we did, there was Fletchies head in the way checking it out.  Wash the floor, and there was Fletch.  Put down flooring; there was Fletch.  Plant a garden; there was Fletch.  One day we were pulling out plants that had overgrown a bed and grown into a mat which was supposed to keep down weeds.  All of a sudden, there was our white poodle yanking and pulling out plant roots and matting.  Dirt was flying everywhere.  I guess we were not doing it fast enough.

It is our custom to have our morning coffee on the porch next to the pool, read the paper, and chat.  Initially, Fletch would lay looking at us as we talked and try to talk.  I am not talking about barking, but rather modulating sounds with his throat and mouth.   In disgust, he finally gave up, but would lay facing us and listen intently as if he understood every word.


He didn’t care for other dogs.  After all, they were dogs.  And, he was, after all, a little old man merely in a dog suit.


Hey, Republicans

When you say “I am not a scientist.”, stop right there. You have just admitted you have no credibility on the subject; we really don’t care what your opinions are.

You’re a member of Congress.

You are a Republican.

We know you don’t believe in facts.

Don’t waste oxygen and increase our carbon dioxide problems by continuing.

A Poodle of Many Titles

Fletcher, Fletchie, Playboy, Ballman, Little old man in a dog suit – –
Fletcher and Fletchie are obious names.

It was about his personality. I have known lots of dogs who chase balsl, fetch sticks, the usual. Fletchie is the only dog I have known that modified play and invented his own games. Every morning before work, my wife and I would sit on the floor and roll the ball on the floor between us in a game of keep away. Fletch would try to get the ball. Of course, after awhile, he got the hang of it and got the ball. He would drop it, and we would play again. As his skills increased, we bounced the ball. Finally, we would toss the ball. He was very hard to beat. One day he caught the ball, walked over in front of me and dribbled it. When i reached for it he would yank it away. Fletchie was playing keep away.

One evening we were reading, and we heard the tennis ball ricocheting off the walls. We looked at each other puzzled. In the other room, Fletch was using his paws to bat the tennis ball against the wall and then catching it.

We got an oversized tennis ball which was about the size kids use in the game 4 square. He batted it with his paws, pushed it around with his snout, then stopped and looked at it. Then he pounced on it with his front paws causing it to come up off the floor. With each pounce he got it higher till he got it high enough to stand on his hind legs and bat it at us with his front paws.

Fletchie loved tennis balls. Most of the time he carried one in his mouth even on a walk. Slometimes he would dribble it. Other times he would squeeze it between his jaws. His favorite game we called “READY”. We had half a dozen ball which we would bounce on the sidewalk in different directions — left, right, straight, high, low. As soon as a ball was caught another ball was thrown in a different direction. It was very seldom that he didn’t catch all the balls. He loved the challenge. When play was finished he would lay in front of us with his tennis ball resting on his front paws.

In the end we had to really slow “Ready” down.  He had a heart condition and arthritis in his spine.

This video is of “Ready”

Fletchie passed in July of 2012