God and Me

Is it more important that I believe in God, or that God believes in me?

If it is more important that God believes in me, that shifts the whole belief and worship paradigm.  If the focus is that God believes in me, then God has faith that I will make the right choices.  I then would have the ultimate responsibility for my life. What would become important is not what I ask God for, but rather what i do with what God has given me.  There is no longer then a God who needs worship, but rather a God that has given us what we need and trusts us to do the right thing.  The focus shifts from belief to action.  It emphasizes our use of free will and the responsibility that goes with it.

There is no need to beg for forgiveness; God accepts and believes that we will choose to do what we believe is good.

Is it time for a paradigm shift?

One thought on “God and Me

  1. Yes! Shift. It isnt about what you did wrong. Its about what you do next once you’ve acknowledged a bad choice.. God has already forgiven with his death on the cross. The forgiveness is yours to ldeal with inside of your head and heart.


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