How to Change the Conservative Justices’ Opinion on Contraception, Women, and Abortion!

The clue to how to change conservative justice(s) opinion on abortion, contraception, and women’s rights lies in their vote on a recent decision by the court. That case was: Riley v. California in which the court ruled unanimously that police needed warrants to search the cellphones of people they arrest.

I, along with many others, attribute this apparent contradiction on limitation on police power to the fact that all of the Supreme Court justices, including the conservative five, have and use cell phones. Their aids use cell phones and therefore, they understand the need for privacy.

Based upon that peek into how they think and rule, I make the following suggestion.

We need to get these old white men hooked up with some really hot young chicks of child bearing age. They should also be professional women; no, not that kind of profession. I mean women who work in business or finance or industry who are single mothers trying to support a family and need their reproductive rights protected. Or, they could be unemployed single mothers not wanting anymore children. Or, they could be women who are trying to survive with their family on minimum wage and cannot afford another child or health insurance.

Perhaps if they were as familiar with the plight of women, who are not the wives of Supreme Court Justices, as they are with cell phones, they would think differently when they rule that a company can discriminate against a woman on religious grounds.

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