Why the military needs to be quaranteed is simple.

The military is there erecting facilites and as support for the medical professions treating Ebola patients.  They are not working in hazmat suites.  They are, therefore,  more exposed.

The state department employees would have little or no contact with and therefore little exposure to Ebola.  Ergo, they would not need quaranteen, but rather monitoring.

Medical professionals should be guided by best medical practices, not a politician’s bullying.


Riddle Me This, SCOTUS

The usual explanation of the extent of a person’s individual rights is that your rights extend to the point where they interfere with another’s rights.

So, if in Richnond, California, the Chevron corporation buys up all the billboards and air time on radio, television and other media to support candidates who will be friendly to them; are they not infringing on the free speech rights of the other candidates who will be unable to advertise no matter how much money they have?

Just asking.