Another grooming, this time without tranquilizers for anyone. Again no dogs or humans were hurt during the process, but one of the two finished off a bottle of wine later. Here are the results and one cross dog:

FullSizeRender 2


Alfie now goes outside by himself. He has begun to check out his environment. He has noticed squirrels, birds, cats and lizards; but doesn’t react to them. He is getting his “dog” on and now sniffs everything on his walk. His favorite day is trash pick up day with all the interesting garbage cans along his walk. Here he enjoys his after grooming reward, a large marrow bone:

He has learned sit, come, stay and down. He now sits before he bolts out the door. Hey, progress is progress. He no longer responds to blondes and white vans.

Unfortunately, he still obsesses over my wife if she leaves the house. Any ideas? He can go anywhere with us as long as my wife is in sight. We are using a trainer who has reinforced that it takes a rescue dog a long time to accept that we are his forever family, and this is his forever home.