So Alfie is

in the height of his glory as he is surrounded by four female golden retrievers.  Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he spots a male goldie barking fiercly and headed his way.  This goldie is huge!  He must go about eighty pounds, coming like a runaway freight train, dragging his handler, who is leaned back on the leash, both feet splayed, smoke coming off dug in heels straight for Alf.

At first, Alf barks ferocioiusly; but as Willie, the dogs name is Willie, looms ever closer and larger, Alfie stops barking.  The two males sniff and circle like a couple of heavy weight fighters.  Owners feverishly try to keep leads untangled.  The two dogs stop dead, heads down and stare.  I’m not a dog, and I could read the message in Willie’s eyes.  “These are my females!”  Alflie takes a step back, cocks his head and gives the Willie a look.  The goldie’s handler takes him for a practice run on the rally course.  Alfie returns to the females.  Willie comes back, lowers his head and gives Alfie the look once again.  Alfie takes two steps back and all is well.  More sniffing each other but this time with tails wagging.

Now that is nonverbal communication.

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