When the World Spins in Greased Grooves

IMG_0254First, a cup of Hawaiian Kona coffee with a shot of Amoretto topped with whipped cream

IMG_0251Watch the sun slide down the bamboo hailing the start of another day in paradise

IMG_0261Great news in the morning paper


Help a friend watch for squirrels

Don’t want to mess up the day, so I think I will go back to bed and sleep until tomorrow.


Nothing Can Be Finer….

Than the dog park on a Saturday morning.  Especially if a little Corgi is coming into heat.  What was the owner thinking?  And, of course, there were multiple males and an insuing scrum.

Please do not bring dogs to the dog parks when they are in or approaching being in heat.

If you cannot tell, ask another owner with a female to explain the facts of life to you.

Thanks.Scan 82_2