Protected: Surfs Up On Bradner Pond: The hazy red sphere lifted above the brown cattails, pin oaks and dead sycamores on the eastern edge of Bradner Pond in northern Ohio and reflected on the rear window of the rusting hulk of the 1927 model A Ford,.  The passenger door, rear fender, and cloth roof had abandoned the rusted out, black four door sedan years ago.  The rubber tires had rotted, and the front end rested on what remained of the rims.  The back axle rested somewhat precariously on rocks rolled from a nearby field to keep the rear wheel rims off the ground. “Tequila” by the Champs, on the transistor radio, ripped the cool stillness of the morning, as the three boys worked silently and wrapped the frayed rope around the right rear rim of the old model A Ford.  To be truthful, the rope was rope in name only.  The boys had actually constructed the rope from bailing wire, clothes line, and binder twine.   They had modified the rim so that it would hold two hundred yards of the rope.  That two hundred yards of rope now  stretched across the dark blue waters of the pond and into the tall grasses, brush and cattails.  Chris, Mike, and Eddie stepped back and admired their work.

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