Remember Matt Whitaker?

– taking sips of water, addressing each congressman and representative by title and name, having questions repeated, questioning the person asking the question until the five minutes were up, etc? Obfuscation is the name of the game; just keep it up for five minutes.

Attorney General Barr has the same plan in mind. Every time recent Attorney Generals have testified before Congress about significant events involving the Executive branch they have been questioned by attorneys. What does he want to hide? What does he want to keep from the American people? Will he be under oath?

We laughed!

My wife and I looked at each other and laughed. We thought everyone knew this. It has bee going on for decades when the drug sales representatives left “samples” to give or sell to the doctor’s patients.

Ever wonder why drug companies taut their drugs to the public on television and in other media when Doctors need to prescribe?


The Democrat’s hand wringing, foot shuffling, and “Aww, shucks” posture on impeachment is a disgusting show of cowardice and lack of conviction.

I’m not a lawyer or pundit, but the way forward is obvious. It is this: (Listen up Democrats!) Make and repeat the following statement: “Because of the obvious discrepancy between the statements by Attorney General Barr and the Mueller Report, we must pursue our investigations to determine where the truth lies. Until those investigations are completed, and the necessity for impeachment proceedings are determined, we will focus on health care, education, jobs, infrastructure and gun safety in order to serve the voters who have elected us.”