And you let them get away with breaking one rule they will see that as permission to break even more rules or that there are no rules at all.

WHEN DEALING WITH TEENAGERS … oh, wait, this President has not reached that developmental level. He’s still at the name calling, pushing, lying and girls have cooties stage. Sorry to have called you a teenager,Donnie. And I’m especially sorry to degrade all you teenagers. You are much more mature and thinking than Derr Leader.

Rethinking Disaster Recovery After A California Town Is Leveled By Wildfire : NPR

The 2018 Camp Fire destroyed 90% of the town of Paradise, Calif., and killed 85 people. Should the federal government jump in to rebuild communities at high risk of future disasters?
— Read on www.npr.org/2019/05/28/724404528/rethinking-disaster-recovery-after-a-california-town-is-leveled-by-wildfire


States must either curb building in fire and hurricane areas or not provide insurance support. FEMA needs to draw lines areas that are not safe for habitation.