Dear Democratic Members of the House:

We are not that stupid!  The argument that you cannot bring articles of impeachment because the Senate won’t convict is ridiculous.  “Can’t never could; won’t never would.”  And then you try to justify your inaction by claiming that you are spending the time writing legislation.  DUH!  The Senate will not pass any legislation so you’re  wasting your time there.

The question is whether you are just incompetent or cowards; or both?


but rather will we, as a society, take responsibility for the “general welfare” of all our citizens.  It rings hollow to legislate to protect the unborn while denying babies healthcare, denying women contraception, eliminating food stamps, denying the elderly Social Security, denying  Medicare benefits,  denying Medicaid for the poor AND finally denying a “living wage”.



is  the first part of a line from ”The Great Race” by  Jack Lemon. The context is that he is marooned on a rapidly shrinking iceberg with Natalie Woods and Tony Curtis  who has has told him to stop complaining.  The rest of the line is “…I’m sure going to say something then.”  Sounds like the Republican Party these days.  Unfortunately at that point when you open your mouth to say something you are destined to drown.