What is Obstruction of Justice?


There are a couple of ways to look at the President’s Acts of Obstruction.  

The first and most obvious way is to read the Mueller Report itself.  Simply Google “Mueller Report” and use one of the news outlet’s publication.

However, unless you are retired or a student, the chances are that you do not have enough time after working, homemaking, or raisisng children to wade through the evidence for obstruction which is duly outlined in the report.

The second way is to look at the elements of obstruction considered below as you read the obstructive acts outlined in the previous post.

The three basic elements common to most obstruction statutes are set forth below.  I INVITE, NO URGE, YOU TO CONSIDER EACH OF THE LISTED ACTS AND APPLY THESE ELEMENTS OF OBSTRUCTION TO EACH OF THE ACTS.

“Three basic elelments are common to most of the relevant obstruction statutes: 

  1. an obstructive act; (…reaches all corrupt conduct capable of producing an effect that prevents jusice from being duly administered, regardless of the means employed.)
  1. a nexus betweenthe obstructive act and an official proceeding; (a nexus is simply connection to an official proceeding.)
  1. and a corrupt intent.” (to  act corruptly means to act with an improper purpose and to engage in conduct knowingly and dishonestly with the specific intent to subvert, impede or obstruct the relevant prodeeding.)

Thank you for taking the time to read, think, and evaluate for yourself whether the President committed obstruction of justice with any or all of the ten acts listed.

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