A “We The People” Boycott


Now is the time to show the world that “we the people” do not celebrate our military might.  What “we the people” believe in is freedom; what “we the people” do not believe in is trying to scare people at home and abroad with our military might..  

Dictators have military parades, and flyovers, and marching soldiers, and bands to glorify the leader as he makes political propaganda speeches.  We do not!  “We the People” don’t need it.  “We the People” don’t want it.  There is only one person in this United States that wants a parade because he saw one in France.

“We the people” have Barbeque, friends, bands, fireworks.  What we don’t want to have on the day we celebrate our independence is a President ruining our celebration of our independence from a king, or despot, or king wannabe.

It is time for “we the people” to show Washington DC that this our country, , our home, our holiday, and not theirs.

Please do not go to the Lincoln memorial, please do not listen or watch the “show” on TV.

Please enjoy this Independence day being independent with family and friends.

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