A Card Laid Is A Card Played


This axiom is appropriate to apply to the President’s decision to not follow the decision of “his” Supreme Court.  Right now it makes no difference what the final decision is.

If you are a Latino, you are aware that you are dealing with a definite maybe.  You cannot depend on the legislature or the court to be honest about the addition of the citizenship question to the Census.  You cannot trust that the President will not get the questionon the Census by executive fiat.

The only safe thing to do if you are a Latino whose citizenship my be questioned is to not participate in the Census.

The President, the Justice Department, and the Court have proven that they cannot be trusted.

Why is this question about citizenship so important to the President and his allies that they would throw a monkey wrench into the Census?  Of all the questions that would be of use for the future of our country, this is the one that they pursue with extroardinary means including reversing the position of the Justice Department?  Who would gain by eliminating the Latino vote?

Inquiring minds already know.

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