Trump’s AG

Following his master’s lead when it comes to the “Other”. Will you be an “Other” when the President fully releases his AG? When will the poor, those not making a living wage, the jobless, the homeless, the farmers, the starving children, the young girls, and all who are non-white get their AG?

America Needs You

img_1558Mitch McConnell 

  • succeeded in blocking all legislative passed by the house excepting giving the wealthier a great break
  • denied any of Obama’s appointees to the courts a hearing,
  • has not allowed any laws passed by the house to go foreword in the Senate,
  • has decided that he is co-President of U.S.

I am not a resident of Kentucky.  I have never contributed to a candidate in another state.  I have never asked anyone to contribute to a candidate.

But, because of the above which destroys our Constitution I am supporting Amy McGrath for Senate in Kentucky and asking that you join me and other patriots in supporting her also.  Here is her website where you can compare her to McConnel and donate: