Cancelled check please!

Surgeon General: Marijuana Use During Adolescence And Pregnancy Is Risky : Shots – Health News –

anytime President claims a donation to any charity, the media needs to show the cancelled check when reporting it. This President has stiffed many charities including veterans.

Don’t be gullible!

Gun Restrictions: Americans Broadly Support Red Flag Laws –

These laws require a judge to render an opinion. How many judges do you think it will take? Who benefits? Answer: the legal profession. And the persons in danger if they live through the legal process. What keeps the dangerous person from getting a gun from someone or at a gun show?

Wild West in Philadelphia

img_1558Why do police put themselves and the community they have sworn to protect in jeopardy trying to capture a cornered criminal through force?

How does a gun battle help anyone?

Another solution when everything went sideways:

Surround the house.

Protect or evacuate neighbors.

Turn off all utilities.


Arrest perk when he exits.

Loss of life or injury to police and civilians has been minimized.

Why does every encounter need to end like a Wild West B movie?