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We need a new expletive!  From toddlers to grandparents we hear the “F” word used.  It no longer serves as the “super expletive”.

I am asking for suggestions for a word  to replace it.  I think it needs to be a word without sexual connotation.  It originally referred to the act of copulation.  The sexual act should never have had a negative connotation.  To be clear, it is currently synonymous with rape or sexual intimidation.  We need you to suggest a word of no more than four or five letters that can be used in the following phrases.

Wanna _?

_ off!

F_ _ k!

_ you!

_ me!

go _ yourself!

get _ ed!

what the _ ?


One of the things that we can do to eliminate the use and sexual connotation of the word is to refrain from using it.  We could all use to expand our vocabulary and be more precise.  Language makes a difference.  Any word can become an expletive through how it is used.  

Please submit your suggestions in your reply to this blog.

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