A.G. Barr’s Testimony

Being retired I watch congressional hearings so that I can compare what I see and hear with what is in the news.

I only got as far as Louie Gomert’s “questioning” before I turned off the TV.

The Republicans only wanted to talk about O’bama and Biden. Guys, that’s in the past.

The Democrats only wanted to Talk about Trump.
The Dems completely missed asking the follow up questions to Barr’s statement that he “Interfered with the courts” for Flynn, Manaforte, and Roger Stone because he felt the convictions and penalties were unjust:

1. Noone pointed out that he was putting himself above not only the judges, his own department of justice, but also the juries in those trials. These men were tried by their peers, found guilty and therefore, were subject to sentencing guidelines. Has he stepped in to lower the sentences of young people? Has he to lessened the penalties of Democratic congressmen?

2. Please list all the people who were not allies of Trump whose cases he intervened with to provide what he thought was justice.

3. Mr. Barr, aren’t your actions putting yourself above the law? These men were investigated, indicted, judged and convicted by a jury of their peers. And you say, “So What?”.




Dear Retirees:

How many of your friends and family have suffered the ravages or death from Covid-19?  Do you remember how the government said “no problem”, be gone in a couple weeks”, “we have this under control”?

They are saying the same things about opening the schools for your grand children.  The best predictor of future action is past action.

For the sake of your grandchildren, who could bring Covid-19 home to you and their parents, urge your school district to stay closed until it can be opened safely.  

Do they have the funds to hire more janitors, initiate and maintain social distancing, the technology for virtual learning and protect their teachers.

When Covid-19 is under control and we have opened businesses, we can open the schools safely.

Thank you.

Back the Blue?

Words Make a Difference

When these signs started sprouting around the neighborhood, I was puzzled. Ahhh, the “BLUE” must be the police. That we are backing the police must mean there is some kind of contest or war against some group.

Let me be clear. There are a lot of police in my family’s history starting with my grandfather through to my grandson. The policy through all those years was to “Protect and Serve” the citizens of their jurisdiction whether it was local, like my grandfather, state like my uncle and cousin, or county, like my grandson.

They never saw themselves as soldiers fighting a war against some “others”. They were “protecting and serving” their neighbors and community. Since they were not at war with the communities they protected and served; they didn’t need combat fatigues, kevlar vests, shields, SWAT units, grenades, tear gas, armored personnel carriers, or tanks. They were part of the communities they “protected and served”. They protected and served their neighbors. They knew them by name, their families, their friends. They were there to answer the call of those neighbors for protection and service.

Yes, times have changed. The police have been charged with doing social work, drug interdiction, teaching, health care, emergency medicine etc. They need to go back to protecting and serving their communities by doing police work. The governments need to provide those other services even if they cost money. The police should deal with crime. The rest of societies’s needs should be dealt with by people who have been trained in those areas like social workers.

The cities and states need to stop purchasing military hardware just because they can get it from the U.S. Army. The police are not the military. It is human nature that if you give a person a hammer, they will see everything as a nail. If you give a doctor a scalpel he will see the solution to be surgery. If you give the police military weapons and gear, they will see everyone as an enemy.

SUPPORT THE BLUE; don’t back them. For the police there is no enemy. For the police there is no other. For the police there are citizens who they need to “protect and defend”. We should not be at war with our citizens. We don’t help the police to see that distinction if we “back” them against the “other”.


First, remember that Trump says stuff cause it gets attention.

Second, Neither Trump nor the Republican party gives a fig about your children, you, your parents or your child’s teacher.

Third, Neither Trump nor the Republican party has a plan to open schools safely.

Fourth, Neither Trump nor the Republican party is willing to increase spending to open schools safely.

Fifth, every country that has been able to open schools safely has done so after Covid-19 was under control.

FINALLY, when they say they have a plan to open schools savely; remember that it has been three years and the Republicans still have not come up with a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

I’m Proud of My German Heritage!

But I don’t fly this flag.

because it represent a very dark part of German history involving killing innocent people, doing medical experiments on children and the Holocaust. AND, this government of Germany was a LOSER!

Some people claim to be proud of their Confederate heritage. But, should they fly this flag?

Since it also represents a dark part of southern history innvolving slavery, flogging, lynching, discrimination and deprivation of rights. AND, in their insurrection they were LOSERS.


There will come a time in your life when your significant other will ask you to go shopping with her.  Do not bring up the game you wanted to watch or mowing the lawn.  You are not being offered a choice. 

You will eventually end up in the woman’s section of a department store.  Once there a clerk will kindly offer a chair and a magazine to enjoy while your partner shops.  Quietly, but firmly decline because if you sit, you will be in the department for hours on end while the clerk helps your shopper.

Instead, ask your significant other what she is looking for, size, color, etc.  She will look at you with new respect and love for being so interested and helpful.  Once she has selected something she will want to take it to the changing room to try it on.

Once she is in the fitting room, go to the clothing racks and select three other items in her size.  When she comes out to show you how the article looks on her, she will ask your opinion.   say something safe like “it’s a nice color for you.” or “it looks good on you.”  Then say “I thought you might like to try on these three on.”

Repeat until she is so tired from trying on clothes that she offers to take you for a drink.  There is also a chance that it will be the last time you are invited to go shopping with her.

a bale of hay

bought a bale of hay

mulch on the garden

sixty years

since i smelled

that warm sweet smell


hoisting bales

on to the wagon

late summer

with sun hot

up in the loft


and forts

uncle shorty

falling through the tunnel

chasing us




miss that sweet scent

of my childhood

even the itching