First, remember that Trump says stuff cause it gets attention.

Second, Neither Trump nor the Republican party gives a fig about your children, you, your parents or your child’s teacher.

Third, Neither Trump nor the Republican party has a plan to open schools safely.

Fourth, Neither Trump nor the Republican party is willing to increase spending to open schools safely.

Fifth, every country that has been able to open schools safely has done so after Covid-19 was under control.

FINALLY, when they say they have a plan to open schools savely; remember that it has been three years and the Republicans still have not come up with a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

I’m Proud of My German Heritage!

But I don’t fly this flag.

because it represent a very dark part of German history involving killing innocent people, doing medical experiments on children and the Holocaust. AND, this government of Germany was a LOSER!

Some people claim to be proud of their Confederate heritage. But, should they fly this flag?

Since it also represents a dark part of southern history innvolving slavery, flogging, lynching, discrimination and deprivation of rights. AND, in their insurrection they were LOSERS.