A.G. Barr’s Testimony

Being retired I watch congressional hearings so that I can compare what I see and hear with what is in the news.

I only got as far as Louie Gomert’s “questioning” before I turned off the TV.

The Republicans only wanted to talk about O’bama and Biden. Guys, that’s in the past.

The Democrats only wanted to Talk about Trump.
The Dems completely missed asking the follow up questions to Barr’s statement that he “Interfered with the courts” for Flynn, Manaforte, and Roger Stone because he felt the convictions and penalties were unjust:

1. Noone pointed out that he was putting himself above not only the judges, his own department of justice, but also the juries in those trials. These men were tried by their peers, found guilty and therefore, were subject to sentencing guidelines. Has he stepped in to lower the sentences of young people? Has he to lessened the penalties of Democratic congressmen?

2. Please list all the people who were not allies of Trump whose cases he intervened with to provide what he thought was justice.

3. Mr. Barr, aren’t your actions putting yourself above the law? These men were investigated, indicted, judged and convicted by a jury of their peers. And you say, “So What?”.


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