Not Wearing a Mask is not a “Right”.

Your rights extend up to the point where they interfere with someone else’s rights.

Please educate those unfortunate enough to have been sleeping during civics class and tell them to wear the damn mask. The rest of us have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness too. Don’t interfere with our rights.

If you insist on not wearing a mask, please refrain from going to the doctor or hospital for treatment. Please don’t ask us to pay for the treatment of your “fake” disease.


TRUMP has two options left to achieve re-election.

  1. Republicans in the states steal the election through voter repression and gerrymandering,
  2. The President causes a “fake” war so that voters won’t “change horses mid-stream”.

I urge you rent the video by the title “Wag The Dog” to see how easily the second can be accomplished.