Important Questions!

Is American better off today than what it was four years ago when Trump became president?

Are all Americans better of today than they were before Trump became president?

Is there more violence in the streets now than after Donald Trump became president?

Are Americans safer from disease than they were before Donald Trump became president?

Does American have more or fewer allies than it did before Donalt Trump became president?

Are the American people more or less worried about their job security, financial security and retirement security than they were before Donald Trump became president?


Are Our Senators That Stupid?

Or are they just so old as to forget that when dealing with small children they must be specific.

The Post Master needs to promise “I will return the post office and the employees to the EXACT status they were before I took this position.”

Parents know that all children starting at the age of three become shister attorneys with their words and promises.

Stop messing with the post office. If they continue charge them all with the felonies they are committing.

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Why we still have unwanted pregnancies when we have rubbers!

Who’d a thought that wearing a surgical mask would be so hard to figure out. Evidently like a condome it can be complicated for some. Here are some helpful hints (for the face mask that is)

  1. It goes over the face. Not around your neck or on top of your head.
  2. It must cover both your nose and your mouth.
  3. It does no good hanging from your ear.
  4. Wearing one that is dirty does not help, but rather worsens the problem.
  5. It must be worn whenever you are breathing on something another person will be touching.
  6. Face masks does not eliminate the need for social distancing.
  7. Social distancing does not eliminate the need to wear a mask.
  8. Children need to wear masks properly also (they are walking petri dishes of disease).
  9. Wearing a face mask does not prevent STD or pregnancies.
  10. Dogs and cats do not need to wear masks.