Always Remember; Never Forget. The Heroes Act…

was passed by the House of Representatives MAY 15, 2020. That’s days short of three months ago. For three months, the Republicans have sat on it even though it became evident that it would not cover the length of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Republicans have sat around doing God knows what waiting for Americans to lose their unemployment extension and their ban on foreclosures and evictions. Why?

Could it be for their corporate sponsors to use their suffering as a bargaining chip to protect their donors from liability for forcing their workers to be exposed the Covid?

Could it be so that their investor friends could buy foreclosed on homes for pennies on the dollar to sell as they did after each of our last natural disasters?

Could it be so that could re-rent their properties for a higher rent after evicting their tenants?

And then to have the President show off to his buddies at his private golf club by signing a meaningless signing statment that can not consitiutionally be enacted.

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