Alfie Asks

If you follow my blog, you probablly recognize Alfie. She is my wife’s dog, and I am posting this to help her with her “” fund raiser. I hope you will donate to help.

My name is Sharon. I rescued Alfie when he was 3 years old (he’s now ten). Alfie had been re-homed several times before, but has found his forever home with me. He loves agility, rally and hunting lizards.

Each morning he goes for his mile walk to meet all his human and dog friends. He’s like Norm in Cheers; everybody knows his name and greets him on his walk. Unfortunately he can no longer do any of those things.

He jumped down from the grooming table and broke a toe and damaged his ligaments in the wrist. The UF Veterinary hospital says his surgery will cost between three and six thousand dollars and needs to be done asap.

He is in a soft cast now, but the vet says that he won’t heal without the surgery. We need your help.

He is my constant companion and confidant. I cannot imagine my life without him on my walk. His nickname “Lovey four paws” describes him best. His friends miss seeing his ears flapping as he runs to greet them.