Where, Oh Where, Are You Corporate America?

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The deaths toll tens of thousands. Other than the investor class, the economy is in a shambles with small businesses on their last legs. Unemployed, people cannot pay their rent, make mortgage payments, put food on the table. Unemployment compensation is disappearing. And Yet!

You, corporate America, have done nothing to sway President Trump or the Republicans to save the working class and small businesses. I have a question for you.


In the past you could rely on world markets when the economy slowed. This is a global pandemic. You have nowhere else to go.

To grow the economy we need to solve the Covid-19 crisis. What have you done to force President Trump and the Republicans to save your consumer’s lives?

To grow the economy we need small businesses and their employees. What have you done to force Trump and the Republicans to help small businesses and their workers survive to rebuild an economy on the other side of this virus?

I realize that you do not have any interest other than profit, but if you do not force President Trump and the Republicans to immediately come up with and pass a package like the “Heros” package; there will be no profit for a long time.

As for the investor class they will continue to inflate and deflate stock prices until, with the country in a shambles, someone looks behind the cortain and sees that the market is based only on smoke and mirrors. There will not be a black Friday; there will be a black year.

It is not too late for you to step up. Politicians cannot suvive without your donations; with even a hint of donations drying up Mitch and the Republicans will move, not to save the country, but to save their own fortunes.


Are Our Senators That Stupid?

Or are they just so old as to forget that when dealing with small children they must be specific.

The Post Master needs to promise “I will return the post office and the employees to the EXACT status they were before I took this position.”

Parents know that all children starting at the age of three become shister attorneys with their words and promises.

Stop messing with the post office. If they continue charge them all with the felonies they are committing.

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Leaked memo from Delta reveals plans to cut worker hours and pay, despite protections in the coronavirus stimulus package. United and other airlines are doing the same.

Airline workers at Delta, American, United, and Southwest face hours cuts and less take-home pay as the crisis drags on, even before job losses.
— Read on news.yahoo.com/leaked-memo-delta-reveals-plans-202411780.html

Any company that furloughs workers gets no govt help and loses all yes all tax deductions. Fewer workers less need for help.

The Better “Final Solution”

The “Final Solution” was the term used by the Third Reich under Hitler which was designated to be used for the extermination of the Jews.  The Jews needed to be exterminated as the “scapegoat” for Germany’s problems and the economic drain on German society.

The decreasing and eventual elimination of Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and aid for veterans is the Republican Party’s “Final Solution” in the tradition of Ayn Rand.  The Republicans view the poor, sick, elderly and veterans as no longer having productive lives.  These other citizens, the Republicans believe, are the cause of the economic strain on society caused by the programs supporting them.  These other citizens paid for these programs with tax dollars from their years of work, service or, in the case of veterans, to their death for our country.

There is a “Final Solution” that would be beneficial to the Republicans and those they want dead and gone.  It would be a win, win solution.  They need to pass laws that make euthanasia legal for those who are terminally ill, economically not viable or have the desire to not be slowly starved to death medically or financially.

The tax dollars needed to support these “others” will be greatly decreased or no longer be wasted on programs like Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security or veterans.  Those tax dollars could be used to decrease the debt caused by the tax breaks on the wealthy and endless wars.

Is there less morality in allowing the suffering of these our citizens to continue while we blame them for the trillions of dollars in debt that continues to mount under this and past administrations?  Is it not the decent thing to allow them to free themselves with dignity from a  slow agonizing life and death?

A final solution, not by governmental economic starvation; but with human dignity would seem preferable.

Some would object to euthanasia on moral grounds.  Let their arguments be heard as long as they stop imposing THEIR “final solution” upon our fellow citizens.  Can they support one “final solution” and oppose the other “final solution” without hypocrisy?

Is euthanasia the better “final solution”?