What Do These People Have In Common?


Those in nursing homes, the elderly, the poor, the people of color, the employed poor are most likely to vote Democratic in the coming election.

They are also the people who the Republicans are letting, even encouraging, through their administrations both national and state to get Covid-19 and die.

Citizens who are dead cannot vote.  This is just another way to suppress voting. That is the ONLy way that the Republicans can win future elections.  It is alsoa new way to reach the “final solution”.

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Thought provoking!

Who Counts?


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If you are an average American worker, a vet, a homeless person, on Social Security, on Medicare, on Medicaid, a school child, a doctor, or a nurse; you don’t count  

Look at the question a different way.  Who can donate large sums of money to most Republican and some Democratic politicians?  Those are the people that count.


If all those people who don’t count (you and I) vote, will Republicans ever win an election?

Putting a finer point on it, allowing this virus to kill those in nursing homes, on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (essentially the elderly, the poor and in need) will be great for one political party.  The Republicans have announced that this is their policy publicly and often.  The Republican Party has not denounced these policies.

Remember Wisconsin and how the Republicans tried to steal that election by endangering the lives of the citizens by making the citizens choose between voting and the virus.

Cats Out of the Bag!

For years Republicans have been whispering about and agreeing among themselves about the need for “culling the herd”.  They are now openly calling for it.

What does that phrase mean?  It means that we must get rid of those of our citizens who, even though they have contributed to our country all their lives  and even though they have fought for our nation, are no longer “working”.  These people are retired or ill.

What the Republican Party is advocating is to let the carona virus wash over these populations!  Let them die the horrible death of the carona virus.

Who do they want to let the virus kill?  These people they want culled are your parents, your grand parents, your spouses your children, your grand children.  Allowing this virus to cull these people will save money being used for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Meals on Wheels and feeding our starving children.





Will you support these politicians?  If you do,  you share in the guilt!  Sorry, but that is the truth of the matter.  The choice is yours.

Remember Wisconsin When You Want to Vote!

The Republican Party unnecessarily exposed their citizens to Covid-19 because they knew that in a high turn out election they would lose. This is an admission by Republicans in Wisconsin but other states and the President as well.

Prepare to have to fight to cast your vote. Fight we have to and fight we will. Republican, Democrat and Independent all are entitled to vote without the threat of Covid-19 or physical or emotional threat.

If fight we must, then fight we will for all citizens to be able to vote.