Trump’s AG

Following his master’s lead when it comes to the “Other”. Will you be an “Other” when the President fully releases his AG? When will the poor, those not making a living wage, the jobless, the homeless, the farmers, the starving children, the young girls, and all who are non-white get their AG?

Soooooo, if they are citizens

one of the qualifications to serve as a member of the House, then the government of Donald Trump must be crime infested by his own statement. Is he really that ignorant? Why does he insist on constantly proving with his tweets an actions that he is not only ignorant but a racist.

Seventh Grade Test Question



What is the only requirement to be a U.S. Congressman?

Answer: A citizen of the United States and the state they represent.

Who doesn’t know?

Answer: President Donald J. Trump who told four U.S. members of the House to go back and help fix the totally brokencrmeinfested places from which they came?  That would be the U.S.)

He described the U.S.  as a complete and total catastrophe, the world’s most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world.


Are We a Bananna Republic?


According to our President, the government of which four of our Congress members are citizens and Representatives is “…a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all)….”

Then he said,  “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came”  (They came from the United States.)

The problem is that they are all citizens of this country.  The question then is: “Who has made it what he accuses it of being.  Who can remember any other elected official refering to this great country in that manner?

Yes, according to President Donald J. Trump


Our Two President Country

‘You May Need The Money More Than I Do’: McConnell Once Returned Trump’s Donation –

The Constitution gives only one person the power to veto legislation, but Mitch McConnell has usurped that power. Silently, with the aid of Republicans, Senator McConnell we have become a two President country. McConnell has the first opportunity to “veto” when he refuses to bring legislation to the floor. The President only gets to veto what McConnell lets him see.