Important Questions!

Is American better off today than what it was four years ago when Trump became president?

Are all Americans better of today than they were before Trump became president?

Is there more violence in the streets now than after Donald Trump became president?

Are Americans safer from disease than they were before Donald Trump became president?

Does American have more or fewer allies than it did before Donalt Trump became president?

Are the American people more or less worried about their job security, financial security and retirement security than they were before Donald Trump became president?


Always Remember; Never Forget. The Heroes Act…

was passed by the House of Representatives MAY 15, 2020. That’s days short of three months ago. For three months, the Republicans have sat on it even though it became evident that it would not cover the length of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Republicans have sat around doing God knows what waiting for Americans to lose their unemployment extension and their ban on foreclosures and evictions. Why?

Could it be for their corporate sponsors to use their suffering as a bargaining chip to protect their donors from liability for forcing their workers to be exposed the Covid?

Could it be so that their investor friends could buy foreclosed on homes for pennies on the dollar to sell as they did after each of our last natural disasters?

Could it be so that could re-rent their properties for a higher rent after evicting their tenants?

And then to have the President show off to his buddies at his private golf club by signing a meaningless signing statment that can not consitiutionally be enacted.


What do Trumpsters appear to have in common?  How does Trump capture their loyalty?  Those questions have perplexed political scientists since he was elected.

One of the ignored possibilities is presented by Trump himself.  He constantly sees himself as a victim.  

His supporters see themselves ignored by society and government.  They are not black.  They are not Hispanic.  They are not Muslim or any minority.  Where is their special program.  Where is their government handout?   Where is their tax loop hole? Why aren’t they treated as victims?  Why are they looked down upon and made fun of by the educated and the wealthy?

When Clinton called them “the deplorables”, Trump heard their feelings of victimization.

When Obama said “…they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who are not like them….”.  Trump heard their feelings of victimization.

Trump understood this through his perception of himself as always a victim.  Whatever it was; it was not his fault.  The other party whether his father, his family, his ex-wives, his business partners, the media, the contractors he stiffed, or the businesses he bankrupted; none of it was his fault.  Failure to lead this country in the fight against the ravaging effects of Covid -19 for six months was and is not his fault. In his mind he is always the victim. He continuousll tells us that in his interviews, in his his rallies, in his run for the Presidency. He even portrays himself as a future victim when he is not elected President in 2020!

The Trump followers identify.  They too are perpetual victims.  Victims who never get a break from government, were never on welfare, never used food stamps, never never received help with their rent.  Victims who never get special programs.  Here at last was a President who understood and would “put it to the elites”.  They had their “Victim-in-Chief”.


TRUMP has two options left to achieve re-election.

  1. Republicans in the states steal the election through voter repression and gerrymandering,
  2. The President causes a “fake” war so that voters won’t “change horses mid-stream”.

I urge you rent the video by the title “Wag The Dog” to see how easily the second can be accomplished.


It should be evident to even the Trumpsters that what the Republicans want is for the elderly (who are on Social Security. Medicare or Disability ) and the working poor (who are on Medicaid) and people of color (who are dispropornately affeced) to die. How can I charge that?

Why is he holding back on testing?

Why else would he want he elderly to attend his pep-rallys?

Why would he want to curtail testing?

Why isn”t his administration seeing that there are adequate medical protections for our health care workers?

Why does FEMA send “junk” to the providers in nursing homes?

Why has he silenced the CDC?


The death of these non-one percenters are the only hope this president and his Senators have of gettng elected.

At the same time, their deaths would decrease payments for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid freeing up mney to dealwith the exploding debt they created with their first stimulus to the one percent.

Wake up!