Education an Art Based on Science

The education system in the United States is so messed up that we need to go back to basics.

What should the goal of public education be? Historically it was to teach children to read the Bible, write and do basic math.

Today reading is still a goal of public education, but it now draws on all genres of literature to learn life lessons not just the Judeo-ChristianBible.

Basic math today is still a goal of public education. It was needed to participate with business in buying and selling. However, if you look as school curriculums they take all students beyond basic math to higher math. Why? So they can get into college.

I was fortunate to be involved in the opening of a job oriented high school. There was still English and basic math, but the rest of the curriculum was devoted to occupational skills such as: carpentry, electrician, computer programming, culinary, plumbing and nursing.

Then the state started a universal testing program based upon traditional high school curriculum. To get funding our students had to focus on courses that could get them into college. As you can guess, the school essentially became a typical high school focusing on college preparatory courses that were tested state wide and used to allocate school funding. Technical schools essentially stopped focusing on the needs of business, parents and students. How did this change things.

Our culinary program trained students to work in high end restaurants. They learned to be to flamb’e, prepare lobster, prepare fresh vegetables, make all kinds of baked goods. The district cut the budget so that the culinary department only prepared dishes that were on the district’s cafeteria menu. (to be specific, the students were used to open cans and boxes of frozen food, and reheat them. They went from culinary students to cafeteria workers.)

What should be the goals directing our states and local school boards? We are far away from reading, writing and arithmetic. Does every student need to do calculus, read Shakespeare, study physics?

We will look at that question next time.

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Education & Covid-19

What did we learn?

That parents view teachers primarily as baby sitters?

That getting the kids out of the house and back to work is more important than the health of students or teachers?

That local or state control of education doesn’t work?

That remote learning is not equal to person to person learning?

That remote learning is not available to lower income families and rural areas?

That teachers are non-essential workers?

That educational equality is available based upon income, race and geographical location?

If They Told the Truth On All Classroom Teacher Job Descriptions

Below is an actual job description for a teaching position that was posted online, which has been translated into a realistic description of the job.
— Read on www.boredteachers.com/humor/the-realistic-classroom-teacher-job-description

So true! And why teachers retire or go into other fields.

You’re a Socialist…



  • receive Social Security,
  • are on Mediicare,
  • are on Medicaid,
  • went to public school or college,
  • drive on public highways,
  • have your house protected by a fire department,
  • are protected by the police,
  • drink safe water,
  • use a sewer system,
  • use safe medication,
  • eat safe food,
  • use a safe banking system,
  • believe in Christ,
  • etc.

YES, YOU ARE A SOCIALIST.  And, when the President or any other politician accuses anyone of being a Socialist, know that they are attacking you, your parents, your grandparents and your children.