Your Right to Not Mask

Your right to mask or not mask extends to the point that it interferes with another’s right. In this case other people’s right to not get Covid-19.

Society has always guaranteed the rights of both parties.

It is the law that you must wear a seat belt both to protect you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.

You must get a license to drive to protect others on the road from inexperienced or bad drivers.

It is against the law to smoke in restaurants and public buildings because cigarette smoke harms both the smoker and the non-smoker.

Stop signs, speed limits and traffic lights are to protect the rights of you and others on the highway from injury from an accident.

Society has laws to protect society from people who are concerned only with their personal wants.

If people were considerate of the rights of others, laws would not be necessary to govern others behavior.

Even the pilgrims recognized that some people are so centered on themselve that there must be laws to protect and guarantee the safety of society. Hence they had to sign the Mayflower Compact before they exited the boat.

Your right to not mask extends to the point where it exposes others to Covid-19. If you don’t go out into society you most certainly have the right and freedom to not wear a mask.

I would ask that if you do not wear a mask, you refrain from seeking medical attention. You see, I shouldn’t need to pay for an illness that you brought upon yourself. You have the right to drive into a brick wall, but I should not have to pay for your decision. If you destroy your liver from drinking, I should not have to pay for your treatment. If you choose to overeat, I should not have to pay for your medical bills. Your bad decisions ultimately end up costing the rest of us increases in insurance and hospital costs.


Are Our Senators That Stupid?

Or are they just so old as to forget that when dealing with small children they must be specific.

The Post Master needs to promise “I will return the post office and the employees to the EXACT status they were before I took this position.”

Parents know that all children starting at the age of three become shister attorneys with their words and promises.

Stop messing with the post office. If they continue charge them all with the felonies they are committing.

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Back the Blue?

Words Make a Difference

When these signs started sprouting around the neighborhood, I was puzzled. Ahhh, the “BLUE” must be the police. That we are backing the police must mean there is some kind of contest or war against some group.

Let me be clear. There are a lot of police in my family’s history starting with my grandfather through to my grandson. The policy through all those years was to “Protect and Serve” the citizens of their jurisdiction whether it was local, like my grandfather, state like my uncle and cousin, or county, like my grandson.

They never saw themselves as soldiers fighting a war against some “others”. They were “protecting and serving” their neighbors and community. Since they were not at war with the communities they protected and served; they didn’t need combat fatigues, kevlar vests, shields, SWAT units, grenades, tear gas, armored personnel carriers, or tanks. They were part of the communities they “protected and served”. They protected and served their neighbors. They knew them by name, their families, their friends. They were there to answer the call of those neighbors for protection and service.

Yes, times have changed. The police have been charged with doing social work, drug interdiction, teaching, health care, emergency medicine etc. They need to go back to protecting and serving their communities by doing police work. The governments need to provide those other services even if they cost money. The police should deal with crime. The rest of societies’s needs should be dealt with by people who have been trained in those areas like social workers.

The cities and states need to stop purchasing military hardware just because they can get it from the U.S. Army. The police are not the military. It is human nature that if you give a person a hammer, they will see everything as a nail. If you give a doctor a scalpel he will see the solution to be surgery. If you give the police military weapons and gear, they will see everyone as an enemy.

SUPPORT THE BLUE; don’t back them. For the police there is no enemy. For the police there is no other. For the police there are citizens who they need to “protect and defend”. We should not be at war with our citizens. We don’t help the police to see that distinction if we “back” them against the “other”.

Just a suggestion –


All you politicians who have left Washington to go home and “Campaign” ought to return to Washington and work on the really serious problems facing your constituents. You could work on like:


rampant institutional racism,

poverty, infrastructure,

universal health care (any universal health care for a start),

climate change etc.

If you actually worked for your constituents, your actions would be your reason for being re-elected.

It’s embarassing to see you all running around and pandering to the PACs. If you did your job you wouldn’t need to spend all your time groveling for donations.


An Old “Saw”

Recently someone argued that what we were experiencing with the current protests related to George Floyd’s murder, discrimination against people of color and the poor signaled the end of our democratic republic.  They cited the old saw that no government has lasted more than a few hundred years.

I must remind them that there is a difference.  Our democracy has always presented itself as dream based on ideals set forth in our founding documents.  That we, as a people, have dedicated ourselves to achieve those ideals.

None of the previous societies/civilizations/governments were founded on these ideals.  We suffer unrest because we have dedicated ourselves towards achieving those goals; not because we are failing, but because we are still trying.

We, and the founding fathers realized that we will probably never have a perfect union because times and societies change.  That does not mean that we should give up the quest for “a more perfect union”.  But rather, that we should continue that quest realizing that only in doing so will we survive as  people and as a nation.

What Do These People Have In Common?


Those in nursing homes, the elderly, the poor, the people of color, the employed poor are most likely to vote Democratic in the coming election.

They are also the people who the Republicans are letting, even encouraging, through their administrations both national and state to get Covid-19 and die.

Citizens who are dead cannot vote.  This is just another way to suppress voting. That is the ONLy way that the Republicans can win future elections.  It is alsoa new way to reach the “final solution”.