Don’t be gullible!

Gun Restrictions: Americans Broadly Support Red Flag Laws –

These laws require a judge to render an opinion. How many judges do you think it will take? Who benefits? Answer: the legal profession. And the persons in danger if they live through the legal process. What keeps the dangerous person from getting a gun from someone or at a gun show?




  1. Every person who buys a gun or weapon must have a background check to prove that they will not be a danger to themselves or others.
  2. Every person who owns a gun or weapon may register and receive $100.  A person who turns in a gun or weapon and ammunition will get the market value of that weapon.
  3. Other than on duty military, no person shall have in their possession a weapon or ammunition of war.  All weapons of war must be stored in a national guard armory.  They may be signed out for use on the armory’s range only.
  4. All weapons must be traceable to point of sale whether by a business or a person.  
  5. Any person or corporation who violates any of the above laws will be held criminally and civily liable for any deaths and injuries resulting from those violations.

Under this legislation, any person who is not a danger to himself or others may posess a non-military style weapon.  He may own military style weapons and or ammunition, but he must store and use it at a miltary base.

If your failure to follow the law results in harm or death to yourself or others will be criminally and civily liable.  That includes gun manufacturers.



Never too many guns or too large of clips!

President Trump On Dayton, El Paso Shootings: ‘Hate Has No Place’ In U.S. –

If it were not for the existence of guns, mental illness and hatred would have no trigger to pull.


Our politicians once again take to the television and editorial pages and the end result will be nothing.  They have no plan and don’t really want one because their goal is to be gain power and wealth by staying in office.

I offer a simple plan which they may feel free to adopt into law and supercede or replace state law.  It will not stop all gun violence, but will certainly cauce a decline.  Driving laws did not stop accidents.  Possessing automobile insurance did not stop accidents. But, they helped.

  1. Sale of all weapons must be recorded.  Noone with a criminal record, or judged to be a danger to himself or others may purchase or possess any weapon that could be used for mass murder.
  2. All weapons of war and associated clips and ammunition must be turned in to the National Guard where they will be stored for permitted use on the National Guard range.  The National Guard will make these weapons available for use on their shooting range under their supervision.
  3. The CDC will maintain records of all shootings by state and share those records with Congress and publish the data for the American people directly on a monthly basis.
  4. Implementation will be paid for by a tax on weapons of war and associated munitions.
  5. Congress must establish a commission to study the causes of gun violence in the U.S. including but not limitid to unemployment, hopelessness, social media, etc.