If you are an elected official of the of the U.S. government or an employee, it is ILLEGAL to use that position and power to request or demand something FOR YOURSELF  be it money, a favor or thing of value from anyone.  It could be something like money or A PROMISE OR THREAT TO DO SOMETHING.  It doesn’t matter if you or they or both or neither got what they want.

If you seek or receive something to benefit the U.S., that is legal and what our ambassadors do all the time FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR COUNTRY, NOT A POLITICIAN.

Quid Pro Quo issue made simple

Quid pro quo is not the problem.  Diplomats do quid pro quo (one thing given in exchange for another) for the benefit of the country and its citizenry.

What is problematic and impeachable about Trump’s or his minions quid pro quo is that the quid pro quo is for the benefit of the President Donald Trump’s reelection.  The quo is not even his to give.  As a matter of fact, the military aid he was holding hostage to help his political campaign was voted for by the Congress to be given to Ukraine to benefit the furthering of democracy in that country and it’s fight against the Russian invaders.  Therefore, the aid was not his to give or withold.

No Quid Pro Quo?

img_1558Legal: Yes, diplomats and governments negotiate (quid pro quo) to acquire policies favorable to their countries and their citizens.

Illegal: What the President and his administration were negotiating was to get dirt on a political candidate, not for the American people; but for the President individually as a candidate for President. That is Quid Pro Quo that is illegal, unconstitutional, immoral and probably fatening.

Any Parent and Teacher Knows…


the child’s first defense always is “well the others did it too”.  That was the excuse of the administration for muscling Ukrain to investigate a political opponent.

Be aware that their is a difference between using threats to achieve a goal for the good of the country and what this administration did to further the Presidents capaign for reelection.

The first is Constitutional.  The second is illegal, unpatriotic, self-serving and ultimately impeachable.