I would like the Republicans who shout about the sanctity of life for the unborn, can then say we should allow the wave of this virus to roll across the country and the elderly because they were “on their last legs” anyway.

Republicans are now openly suggesting that we should get rid of the elderly because they are not productive and  “on their last legs”.

Can I say this about all Republicans?  Yes,  because I have yet to hear any Republicans speak in opposition to this proposal.

The name of their policy is “The Final Solution”.  Final in that it gets rid of anyone who is not employed or in good health therebye freeing more money for the one percent even if they have worked their whole lives to make this country great.

Who Counts?


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If you are an average American worker, a vet, a homeless person, on Social Security, on Medicare, on Medicaid, a school child, a doctor, or a nurse; you don’t count  

Look at the question a different way.  Who can donate large sums of money to most Republican and some Democratic politicians?  Those are the people that count.


If all those people who don’t count (you and I) vote, will Republicans ever win an election?

Putting a finer point on it, allowing this virus to kill those in nursing homes, on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (essentially the elderly, the poor and in need) will be great for one political party.  The Republicans have announced that this is their policy publicly and often.  The Republican Party has not denounced these policies.

Remember Wisconsin and how the Republicans tried to steal that election by endangering the lives of the citizens by making the citizens choose between voting and the virus.

Should dumping milk be illegal?

Should starving the elderly be illegal?

Should funding the military to support bases outside the country be illegal ?

Should allowing businesses to not pay taxes be illegal?

Should allowing businesses to destroy the environment (the water we drink, the air we breath, our public lands)?

Should our health care be controlled by profit?

Should “land of the free” be “land of the wealthy”?

A Good Plan If …


Medicare for All with a private insurance option is the answer  IF THAT


What is wrong with that?  Which would be cheaper for the citizen, Medicare or Private Insurance?  Certainly free market Republicans and Democrats could not object to that.  EVERY ONE HAS INSURANCE EITHER MEDICARE OR THEIR OWN PRIVATE INSURANCE!

What Democrats don’t want is paying for “junk” insurance that provides little or no coverage.



Hogwash!  Lies, half truths, missrepresentations are being used to defund Medicare.

And, when the President or any other politician accuses anyone of being a Socialist, know that they are attacking you, your parents, your grandparents and your children.

If you want to know about Medicare, ask someone who is on Medicare how they like it. 

I have been on Medicare for over a decade.  I have had open heart surgery including two valve repairs, two bipasses and a MAZE  procedure.  In addition I have also had a hip repair and a leg fracture.   I have had office visits and lab work covered.  I had no problem getting the work completed by the physicians and facilities of my choice.

Please listen to the political commercials with a good bit of doubt.  Instead ask a recipient what they think of Medicare.



For your information:

Medicare is paid for through 2 trust fund accounts held by the U.S. Treasury.  These funds can only used for Medicare.  Like Social Security it is funded through payroll taxes paid by most employees, employers, and people who are self-employed.  Other sources include taxes paid on Social Security benefits, interest earned on the trust fund investments, Medicare Part A premiums from people who aren’t eligible for premium-free part A.