Light at the end of the tunnel?

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If Trump doesn’t win the election, he will resign so that Pence can pardon him of any and all crimes committed during Trump’s Presidency. No doubt AG Barr will try to find some way to extend the pardon power to crimes committed before he was president and afterwards.

It’s The Carnival

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In our small town it was the primier event of the summer. There would be things we had never seen like the bearded lady, the strong man, the conjoined babies. There would be foods mom didn’t serve like cotton candy, sugared waffles, hot dogs on a stick etc. Our friends might be there.

We went for the same reason that people go to a Trump rally. It’s a show! The President is the main draw, and Governor DeSantis is the side show. They want to see the odd TV show host somehow become President. They want to see who else will be there.


Important Questions!

Is American better off today than what it was four years ago when Trump became president?

Are all Americans better of today than they were before Trump became president?

Is there more violence in the streets now than after Donald Trump became president?

Are Americans safer from disease than they were before Donald Trump became president?

Does American have more or fewer allies than it did before Donalt Trump became president?

Are the American people more or less worried about their job security, financial security and retirement security than they were before Donald Trump became president?


Playing Government


The decision of using the U.S. Army to disperse legal protestors so that the President could have a photo op reminds me of playing as a child.

I can see the President’s staff sitting around with their juicies and snacks saying, “Wouldn’t it be neat to show the President holding up a bible in front of a church and if we use the U.S. Army, mounted police, and helicopters to clear his way of protestors,
it will also show how powerful and courageous he is.”



NOW, that the President has declared a victory over Covid-19 and is dismantling the Covid-19 Task Force led by the Vice President, can the Senate led by Mitch Mconnel try him on his impeachable offences, find him guilty and remove him from office?

It would be too late for the 100s of thousands of our citizens who will have lost their lives because this President refused to recognize the danger and do his duty for his citizens.  That would be for the citizens other than his friends, grifters and money makers.

This is on you Mitch and your Republican cronies have stood by and watched while Nero fiddled and Rome burnt.  You, Mitch are the modern Nero.