What Does A Trump Acquittal Tell About Us.

At its simplest, Are the Republican Senators IMMORAL or are the people they represent? The Republicans have admitted he is guilty and yet will find him not guilty. This finding is after refusing to listen to people who were first person witnesses and physical evidence after demanding such for months. They are even refusing to accept a vote for Censure. I believe the Senators are a immoral and acting against the will of the people they are supposed to represent. I hope the Republican voters are making a list of who to vote out of office.

A moment of silent prayer…


for the demise of our democratic republic. We now have a dictatorship if the senate Republicans acquit after a show trial. They admit he did it, but since he sees his winning is good for the country, it’s ok. Therefore, if he equates what is good for himself with what is good for the country any action is fine. He is now investigator of his actions, judge of his actions, jury of his actions. Welcome to the Republican’s new lawless banana republic.