Why is this Supreme Court nomination so important?

This will make it possible for the Republicans to do away with the Affordable Care Act. With that, insurance companies will be able to deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition like diabetes, covid-19 etc. You will also lose coverage for your adult children.

Please know also that the Republicans have no plan. Get that? After 10 years they still have no plan for a replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

Remember also that a Republican promise is worth nothing as evidenced by the nomination of a Supreme Court replcement for Ruth Bader Ginnsburg with a presidential election 40 days away. They denied Obama a Supreme Court nominee because it would be within the same year as an election.

I apologize to Trump and Republicans

They now, FINALLY, do have a plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. They will the allow the virus to run free among the populaion until hopefully we reach herd immunity (which they really don’t understand). Using that plan, over 2 million of our neighbors must die.

They will protect those at risk of death from the virus; they promise. Just remember that this is the same President and the same political party that said the virus would just disappear by April.


Always Remember; Never Forget. The Heroes Act…

was passed by the House of Representatives MAY 15, 2020. That’s days short of three months ago. For three months, the Republicans have sat on it even though it became evident that it would not cover the length of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Republicans have sat around doing God knows what waiting for Americans to lose their unemployment extension and their ban on foreclosures and evictions. Why?

Could it be for their corporate sponsors to use their suffering as a bargaining chip to protect their donors from liability for forcing their workers to be exposed the Covid?

Could it be so that their investor friends could buy foreclosed on homes for pennies on the dollar to sell as they did after each of our last natural disasters?

Could it be so that could re-rent their properties for a higher rent after evicting their tenants?

And then to have the President show off to his buddies at his private golf club by signing a meaningless signing statment that can not consitiutionally be enacted.

A.G. Barr’s Testimony

Being retired I watch congressional hearings so that I can compare what I see and hear with what is in the news.

I only got as far as Louie Gomert’s “questioning” before I turned off the TV.

The Republicans only wanted to talk about O’bama and Biden. Guys, that’s in the past.

The Democrats only wanted to Talk about Trump.
The Dems completely missed asking the follow up questions to Barr’s statement that he “Interfered with the courts” for Flynn, Manaforte, and Roger Stone because he felt the convictions and penalties were unjust:

1. Noone pointed out that he was putting himself above not only the judges, his own department of justice, but also the juries in those trials. These men were tried by their peers, found guilty and therefore, were subject to sentencing guidelines. Has he stepped in to lower the sentences of young people? Has he to lessened the penalties of Democratic congressmen?

2. Please list all the people who were not allies of Trump whose cases he intervened with to provide what he thought was justice.

3. Mr. Barr, aren’t your actions putting yourself above the law? These men were investigated, indicted, judged and convicted by a jury of their peers. And you say, “So What?”.



TRUMP has two options left to achieve re-election.

  1. Republicans in the states steal the election through voter repression and gerrymandering,
  2. The President causes a “fake” war so that voters won’t “change horses mid-stream”.

I urge you rent the video by the title “Wag The Dog” to see how easily the second can be accomplished.

Just a suggestion –


All you politicians who have left Washington to go home and “Campaign” ought to return to Washington and work on the really serious problems facing your constituents. You could work on like:


rampant institutional racism,

poverty, infrastructure,

universal health care (any universal health care for a start),

climate change etc.

If you actually worked for your constituents, your actions would be your reason for being re-elected.

It’s embarassing to see you all running around and pandering to the PACs. If you did your job you wouldn’t need to spend all your time groveling for donations.