Safety & Security

Are you safer from disease and more secure than you were before Donald Trump became president?

Though not the cause of Covid-19, he failed to address the coming pandemic in January, February and March. This delay allowed the pandemic to get a firm grip on the country. Even if it originated in China, he had the responsibility to provide leadership as every other President had done in the face of a pandemic. Compare the number of deaths from this pandemic in the United States with those which were addressed by presidents Obama and Bush.

He has removed us from treaties leaving us without allies.

Even his highly publicized wall to be built between Mexico and by Mexico has never materialized. What has been built is already falling down.

Compare the number of protests and marches during his Presidency with those of the previous administrations of Obama and Bush. Compare the number of children murdered during his administration. If you are a minority or poor, your chances of suffering from police violence is higher.

His tariffs on other countries have led to our farmers needing welfare from the government.

Important Questions!

Is American better off today than what it was four years ago when Trump became president?

Are all Americans better of today than they were before Trump became president?

Is there more violence in the streets now than after Donald Trump became president?

Are Americans safer from disease than they were before Donald Trump became president?

Does American have more or fewer allies than it did before Donalt Trump became president?

Are the American people more or less worried about their job security, financial security and retirement security than they were before Donald Trump became president?