The Problem with Organized Religions

is that they define themselves primarily by their opposition to “the other” which leads to their history of hatred, violence and genocide.

Does your church define itself by “the other” in any way?  I.e. our religion is the one true way to believe?

Do you define yourself by “the other” in any way?  I.e. I am a Democrat; not a Republican.

Is the problem solvable?  And, if it is solvable; what is the first step in that solution?

If the President Obstructed Justice, Why Wasn’t He Indicted?

In Volume II of the Mueller report there were twelve acts of obstruction outlined, proven by forty one items of evidence.  Based upon those findings Over 700 federal prosecutors have said that this was a slam dunk case of obstruction of justice by the President.

If that’s the case, why didn’t Special Prosecutor Mueller charge or indict President Trump?  The answer is that there is a Department of Justice policy that prohibits indicting a sitting President.  That leaves two choices for dealing with a President who commits demonstrably criminal acts.

First, the Special Prosecutor investigates, outlines, enumerates, and provides the evidence to the Congress so that they can exercise their duty to oversee the executive branch by whatever means they see fit.

Second, he can preserve the evidence so that the President, after he’s out of office can be indicted and tried.  The problem with this solution is the issue of the applicable “statute(s) of limitations “.

 Next post we will look at the President’s first act of obstruction.