Where Did They Go?

You remember don’t you? The hordes of mother raping, father raping, drug smuggling, disease infested, child molesting Mexicans from across our unprotectd borders with thighs as big as cantalopes – I been watching. I haven’t seen them. Have you? Do you think you were HOODWINKED by the Republicans under President Trump?

Right to Life? Really?

Since the Right to Life groups are out pushing Mrs. Barrett’s placement on the Supreme Court, I have some questions.

Is she opposed to sex education in public and private schools?

Is she opposed to free birth control?

Is she committed to supporting women who don’t abort babies they cannot care for?

Is she as committed to the child after birth as she is to the fetus?

 Is she opposed to free school lunches?

Is she opposed to the death penalty.

Is she in favor of having control over men’s reproductive organs?

Is she in favor of women being given Social Security credit for years worked raising a family?

Is she in favor of her recusing herself from current cases involving Roe v Wade?  And other cases currently pending before the court?

Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination

I am not concerned about her religious views.

I am not concerned about her limited experience as a trial attorney.

I am not concerned her limited, less than three years, experience as a federal jurist for an appointment for life.

I am concerned about her judgement. Look at the photos above. In the lower left corner you see her husband and more importantly her children in the rose garden where the White House became a Super Spreader hot spot.

She knew the CDC recommendations.

She knew they all should be wearing masks.

She knew they all should be social distancing which would be impossible considering the number of attendees.

She knew that the testing only had a 50 percent reliability rate.

And yet, she still brought her children to the event and exposed them to the most deadly virus to hit the United States in over a hundred years.

What kind of judgement is that? It is the kind of judgement that puts herself above the safety of her children.

She claims to protect the rights of fetuses, but she doesn’t protect her own children?