Just a suggestion –


All you politicians who have left Washington to go home and “Campaign” ought to return to Washington and work on the really serious problems facing your constituents. You could work on like:


rampant institutional racism,

poverty, infrastructure,

universal health care (any universal health care for a start),

climate change etc.

If you actually worked for your constituents, your actions would be your reason for being re-elected.

It’s embarassing to see you all running around and pandering to the PACs. If you did your job you wouldn’t need to spend all your time groveling for donations.



ImageThe name tells it all.  As you can see from the image, the keystone is the central stone that holds all the other stones together in an arch. (see any dictionary definition).  In this arch you have on the left oil consumers in the rest of the world.  On the right you have Canada.  In between you have the U.S.

The keystone pipeline provides a bridge between Canada and the oil consumers in the rest of the world.

Who is not a beneficiary of the pipeline?  Answer is the U.S.

Yes, there will be temp jobs to build the pipeline.  Yes, there will be an insignificant number of permanent jobs.

It not a question of if there will be spills, it is WHEN.  Search “Oil spills in the U.S.”.  Or, search “oil pipe lines that have not had spills”.

Who pays to clean up the spills?  Ultimately it is the citizen taxpayer.  Why?  The spillers, think Exxon Valdez and the horrendous Gulf spill, ultimately settle with citizens and the government for pennies on the dollar and stop cleaning up their mess.  Spills last forever.  It is impossible to clean up all of a spill.

It is time we stop building these environmental disasters.  Yes, they are all environmental disasters, and start eliminating the existing ones.

Please write, Email, call the President and your Congressmen and tell them to vote no on the Keystone XL.