Before we can safely return to even a new normal, we must control the Covid virus.

That will allow small businesses to reopen.

That will allow all workers to return to work.

That will affect the lives of our colored population as they suffer twice the infections of whites.

That will lessen the deaths of our elderly who drive our economy.

That will enable children to return to school safely without infecting their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts or uncles.

How do we accomplish this? We know what works – masks, social distancing and hand washing hygene.

How do we get our diverse and fractured society to do this?

  1. Make going without a mask a social taboo with constant public service announcements as was done with smoking.
  2. If we don’t bring down the number of new cases in our city, county or state, then we must close down non-essential businesses. It we must close down businesses, then we must provide aid to businesses and workers to get them through to the time that the new cases are reduced to an acceptable level. Once cases reach an acceptable level businesses can gradually reopen. These closings should be done by city, county or state as some will have outbreaks and some will not.
  3. Make masks, thermometers, oximeters and tests free and instruct how to use them. Evidently, from what I see, it is not that clear that the masks must cover the nose and mouth not just hang around the neck.
  4. Educate, educate, educate! Tell how to monitor for symptoms that is first temperature, then oxygen levels, and blood pressure. Be clear when the symptoms warrant a visit to the doctor.
  5. The sooner we are controlling the virus the sooner we can return to the new normal. What will the new normal look like? I suspect that we will continue to monitor our selves and our families so that we can deal with returning outbreaks.

It is up to us. You can tell who is serious about getting kids back to school and businesses reopened by the presence of a mask worn properly on their face and maintaing social distancing.


I apologize to Trump and Republicans

They now, FINALLY, do have a plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. They will the allow the virus to run free among the populaion until hopefully we reach herd immunity (which they really don’t understand). Using that plan, over 2 million of our neighbors must die.

They will protect those at risk of death from the virus; they promise. Just remember that this is the same President and the same political party that said the virus would just disappear by April.


Important Questions!

Is American better off today than what it was four years ago when Trump became president?

Are all Americans better of today than they were before Trump became president?

Is there more violence in the streets now than after Donald Trump became president?

Are Americans safer from disease than they were before Donald Trump became president?

Does American have more or fewer allies than it did before Donalt Trump became president?

Are the American people more or less worried about their job security, financial security and retirement security than they were before Donald Trump became president?




Dear Retirees:

How many of your friends and family have suffered the ravages or death from Covid-19?  Do you remember how the government said “no problem”, be gone in a couple weeks”, “we have this under control”?

They are saying the same things about opening the schools for your grand children.  The best predictor of future action is past action.

For the sake of your grandchildren, who could bring Covid-19 home to you and their parents, urge your school district to stay closed until it can be opened safely.  

Do they have the funds to hire more janitors, initiate and maintain social distancing, the technology for virtual learning and protect their teachers.

When Covid-19 is under control and we have opened businesses, we can open the schools safely.

Thank you.


First, remember that Trump says stuff cause it gets attention.

Second, Neither Trump nor the Republican party gives a fig about your children, you, your parents or your child’s teacher.

Third, Neither Trump nor the Republican party has a plan to open schools safely.

Fourth, Neither Trump nor the Republican party is willing to increase spending to open schools safely.

Fifth, every country that has been able to open schools safely has done so after Covid-19 was under control.

FINALLY, when they say they have a plan to open schools savely; remember that it has been three years and the Republicans still have not come up with a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.


It should be evident to even the Trumpsters that what the Republicans want is for the elderly (who are on Social Security. Medicare or Disability ) and the working poor (who are on Medicaid) and people of color (who are dispropornately affeced) to die. How can I charge that?

Why is he holding back on testing?

Why else would he want he elderly to attend his pep-rallys?

Why would he want to curtail testing?

Why isn”t his administration seeing that there are adequate medical protections for our health care workers?

Why does FEMA send “junk” to the providers in nursing homes?

Why has he silenced the CDC?


The death of these non-one percenters are the only hope this president and his Senators have of gettng elected.

At the same time, their deaths would decrease payments for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid freeing up mney to dealwith the exploding debt they created with their first stimulus to the one percent.

Wake up!