I apologize to Trump and Republicans

They now, FINALLY, do have a plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. They will the allow the virus to run free among the populaion until hopefully we reach herd immunity (which they really don’t understand). Using that plan, over 2 million of our neighbors must die.

They will protect those at risk of death from the virus; they promise. Just remember that this is the same President and the same political party that said the virus would just disappear by April.


Always Remember; Never Forget. The Heroes Act…

was passed by the House of Representatives MAY 15, 2020. That’s days short of three months ago. For three months, the Republicans have sat on it even though it became evident that it would not cover the length of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Republicans have sat around doing God knows what waiting for Americans to lose their unemployment extension and their ban on foreclosures and evictions. Why?

Could it be for their corporate sponsors to use their suffering as a bargaining chip to protect their donors from liability for forcing their workers to be exposed the Covid?

Could it be so that their investor friends could buy foreclosed on homes for pennies on the dollar to sell as they did after each of our last natural disasters?

Could it be so that could re-rent their properties for a higher rent after evicting their tenants?

And then to have the President show off to his buddies at his private golf club by signing a meaningless signing statment that can not consitiutionally be enacted.

The President and The Republican Senators

Are either incompetent or hoping that this virus will kill off enough elderly so that Social Security and Medicare can be eliminated.  We, the people, are not as important as their political donors, corporations and wealthy friends.  This is the conservative Republican’s “Final Solution”.


Lieutenant Governor Texas, Republican Dan Patrick, finally said aloud what the Republican right has long wanted. Solve budget problems created by their budgets by cutting social programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Eliminate Medicaid which will cause death of the poor. Eliminate Medicare causing the death of seniors which will in turn eliminate the need for Social Security. The Nazis has a name for it: THE FINAL SOLUTION.

Da virus in Florida

We Floridians are lucky. We are pretty much in tune with preparations for disasters. We prepare for hurricane disasters, tornado disasters, drought disasters, flooding and fire disasters. This virus disaster nestles before our hurricane season which runs from June to the end of November, which starts “snowbird season” which runs until mid April.

So with the new Carina virus we have started our hurricane prep now. Of course this prep focuses on only plywood for windows, blue tarps, visqueen, generators, batteries, first aid kit, emergency food, water and medical supplies. Medical concerns are mostly about rattle and other venomous snakes, being hit by lightening and heat stroke.

Inventory of property placed along with insurance policies and other legal documents in water tight containers. Those who went through the anarchy after hurricane Andrew will also clean and check weapons and stock more ammunition.

With this virus it has become more complicated. Realize that Floridians don’t like being told what to do especially for their own good. They don’t like rules. They don’t like laws. And they especially don’t like edicts like quarantines. They will also be glad to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

If Floridians act true to form, they will pretty much ignore the CDC regarding this disease. These are the people who will fight evacuating for a hurricane and print with their names and phone numbers of their next of kin with indelible sharpies on their arms just in case they die.

At this point on the calendar, the population consists of seasonal snowbirds, retirees, Canadians gambling they can get home to universal health insurance before getting infected, kids out of school because of declared state of emergency and the rest of us Floridians who are trying to survive this insanity till one of our two love bug seasons.