Republicans on Russia trip face scorn and ridicule from critics at home – The Washington Post

Republicans on Russia trip face scorn and ridicule from critics at home – The Washington Post
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Just a reminder! Gotta wonder who else is with Trump at the Putin trough!

Thirty pieces of silver

We sell out our country and our people to Saudi Arabia and Canada to get a pipeline we, the people, don’t need or want for a fuel that will be obsolete. Also remember that this is continuing because of an order by a man who thinks he is king for the benefit of another monarch.

Any Parent and Teacher Knows…


the child’s first defense always is “well the others did it too”.  That was the excuse of the administration for muscling Ukrain to investigate a political opponent.

Be aware that their is a difference between using threats to achieve a goal for the good of the country and what this administration did to further the Presidents capaign for reelection.

The first is Constitutional.  The second is illegal, unpatriotic, self-serving and ultimately impeachable.

You’re a Socialist…



  • receive Social Security,
  • are on Mediicare,
  • are on Medicaid,
  • went to public school or college,
  • drive on public highways,
  • have your house protected by a fire department,
  • are protected by the police,
  • drink safe water,
  • use a sewer system,
  • use safe medication,
  • eat safe food,
  • use a safe banking system,
  • believe in Christ,
  • etc.

YES, YOU ARE A SOCIALIST.  And, when the President or any other politician accuses anyone of being a Socialist, know that they are attacking you, your parents, your grandparents and your children.