Covid-19 Testing

Can you get a test?

Do you know someone that has been tested ?

Where do you go to get tested?

Until we all can answer these questions, we are not ready to even begin to return to work.

The answer to controlling and eventually beating this is TESTING! Testing! Testing!

Should dumping milk be illegal?

Should starving the elderly be illegal?

Should funding the military to support bases outside the country be illegal ?

Should allowing businesses to not pay taxes be illegal?

Should allowing businesses to destroy the environment (the water we drink, the air we breath, our public lands)?

Should our health care be controlled by profit?

Should “land of the free” be “land of the wealthy”?

To be or not to be….

If this court continues to ignore precedent, the Supreme Court will lose all credibility and will become meaningless just like Congress and the Department of Justice. We will become what the founding fathers wrote desperately to avoid, a monarchy controlled by foreign government influence.