What’s The Ukraine Story? Trump Points To Biden. Democrats Point To Trump –

Dems wont do anything, Republicans will not act period, AG Barr works for President, Supreme Court stacked with Republicans, Citizens too busy working three jobs to keep from sliding into poverty, and Trump believes he is King and above ALL law. SWTF?



Any news about this President deserves the comment SO What?

The House of Representatives won’t impeach!

The Senate refuses to vote on any legislation!

The Supreme Court is loaded with Trump nominees!

The Justice Department under Barr believes it works for Trump not the Citizens!

The new King rules by “executive order”.



Mr. President, Members of the House and the Senate, Supreme Court Justices please remember that you have sworn to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”. You were not elected to preserve, protect and defend your business interests or your re-elections. DO THE JOB YOU SWORE YOU WOULD DO!

Remember Matt Whitaker?

– taking sips of water, addressing each congressman and representative by title and name, having questions repeated, questioning the person asking the question until the five minutes were up, etc? Obfuscation is the name of the game; just keep it up for five minutes.

Attorney General Barr has the same plan in mind. Every time recent Attorney Generals have testified before Congress about significant events involving the Executive branch they have been questioned by attorneys. What does he want to hide? What does he want to keep from the American people? Will he be under oath?

It’s all in history!

The problem is that people don’t read history.  All that is happening today happened in our history whether it was Nero fidling while Rome burned, or the Germans doing nothing while Hitler used propoganda against immigrants, the press, and the educated while having rallies to satisfy his own ego and terrify those who might oppose him.

Certainly at least one of our Senators or Member of the House studied history.  Where are they?  Who is writing their own profile in courage?

Matthew in 12:30 wrote: “He who is not with me is against me.”image

As one who is watching what is going on in this great country, allowed by its people, encouraged by its leaders;  I can only repeat ” Eli Eli lema sabachthani.”


JOB ONE for the Veterans Administration

Ford Motor was in big trouble.  The cars they produced were in a word horrible.  Today, they are one of the best domestic cars made.

How did they do it?  It was a program called “JOB ONE”.  I knew workers involved in  this program at the Lorain Ford assembly plant in Lorain Ohio.

Ford went to all their workers and asked how can we make a better product, and how can we do it more efficiently?  They told the workers that if their suggestions were instituted, they would get a cash bonus.  Workers i knew earned rewards from a few hundred dollard to a few thousand dollars for an individual suggestion.  Some workers earned more than one bonus.

Why is business and government so reticent to ask the people who do the job on a daily basis how the job can be done better?  Instead of blue ribbon committees, special committees, and high priced consultants from businessand Wall Street; I would suggest, ask, even beg that the Veterans Administration ask the people who do the job what needs to be done.

I hope that after decades, The V.A. and this President will finally ask those with real expertise how to get the job done best.  Could a few bonuses cost more than what is currently wasteed in political theatre and finger pointing?

I know I am an optimist, but maybe somebody in the V.A. or the government will think about a different way to approach this and other problems.