Any Parent and Teacher Knows…


the child’s first defense always is “well the others did it too”.  That was the excuse of the administration for muscling Ukrain to investigate a political opponent.

Be aware that their is a difference between using threats to achieve a goal for the good of the country and what this administration did to further the Presidents capaign for reelection.

The first is Constitutional.  The second is illegal, unpatriotic, self-serving and ultimately impeachable.

So, Who’s The Boss?


Can you be the boss of an organization and still claim that you are not part of that organization.  I’m not even a country lawyer, but I can see that to be the boss of an organization like the intelligence community you by definition must be part of that intelligence community.

Quid Pro Quo

Is he so stupid as to believe that because he doesn’t say it there can be no QPQ? He talks about needing info on Biden then has his subordinate stop the release of funds, makes more calls, then when caught, releases funds. His actions prove Quid Pro Quo far better than his words. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck; it is a duck.