Should dumping milk be illegal?

Should starving the elderly be illegal?

Should funding the military to support bases outside the country be illegal ?

Should allowing businesses to not pay taxes be illegal?

Should allowing businesses to destroy the environment (the water we drink, the air we breath, our public lands)?

Should our health care be controlled by profit?

Should “land of the free” be “land of the wealthy”?

Torches and Pitchforks at the Castle Gate

storming the gate
Why are the federal and state governments facilitating the acquisition of military style weapons and equipment by local police forces?

I suggest that a review of recent legislation and court rulings provides a possibility.  In random order these are:
– Citibank writing the language dismantling of Dodd-Frank law,
– cuts in SNAP,
– refusal to extend unemployment compensation,
– the failure to prosecute those shooting the poor and black,
– 47% comments,
– cutting of educational funding,
– laws which allow major corporations to pay no federal income tax,
– voter suppression of elderly, poor and youth,
– the increase of wealth by the wealthiest compared to the middle class and the poor,
– a military system which uses primarily the poor,
– corporations have the same rights as people,
– money is free speech ergo, Jimie Dimon,
– reduction of retiree’s pensions,
– attacks on unions,
– opposition to a living wage,
ad nauseam.

Basically, there is a movement in which legislation and policy are aimed at aiding the wealthy (like Congress) to increase their riches and power by taking from the poor, the working poor, women, the youth, the aged, and the middle class.

The numbers affected by this sea change in wealth distribution are growing exponentially.

The frustration and anger are growing exponentially.

There will be a point where rage will erupt.

The wealthy and the powerful have been careful not to attack the firefighters, the police and the army.  They have been systematically preparing the national guard and local sheriffs and police departments to “handle” any protest which they will call insurrection.

The one percent will be ready when the torches and pitchforks appear at the castle gate.


Why the military needs to be quaranteed is simple.

The military is there erecting facilites and as support for the medical professions treating Ebola patients.  They are not working in hazmat suites.  They are, therefore,  more exposed.

The state department employees would have little or no contact with and therefore little exposure to Ebola.  Ergo, they would not need quaranteen, but rather monitoring.

Medical professionals should be guided by best medical practices, not a politician’s bullying.



Based upon what we have seen our government do to our veterans for decades, the only conclusion is that all three branches view them as cannon fodder for the military, industrial, corporate, financial complex.  One Republican, the chairman of the committee, said basically in a letter to the veteran’s organizations after they testified before his subcommittee that they all were a bunch of self-serving whiners.  He also left the committee for the entirety of their presentations; returning at the end to dismiss them.