if you bragged,

if you lied,

if you bullied another child,

if you stole something,

if you took Parents money for yourself,

if you took money out of the collection basket and then lied again about doing it again?

So explain again why you believe that Donald J. Trump should not be punished and removed from any possibility of doing those things again.

What Every Parent Knows, but CONGRESS Can’t Figure Out


The big problem is in how laws are written.  Currently laws are written like the Ten Commandments.  That is in the manner of “Thou shall not….”.  That means that there are ten things you cannot do, but zillions of things you can do.

The parent of a teenager quickly learns that if you tell your teenager “no beer at your party!”  you can be sure that there will be other booze, drugs, and pills at the party.

If you had told him that all he could serve was soft drinks, that means everything else is prohibited.  Very clear.  No need to list what is not allowed.

Politicians of both parties wring their hands and claim it would be too difficult to list all the varieties of weapons including assault weapons in legislation.  Hogwash!

Here are some sample laws for you, dear Congressmen.  Feel free to copy and paste:

‘Only weapons that will hold 8 bullets in its clip are legal, and only clips that hold 8 rounds are legal.”

“Weapons used in warfare can only be owned or used by the army in a war declared by Congress.”

“Anyone, including a manufacturer, who sells a weapon or ammunition or clip to anyone without a federal background check will be legally liable for any and all damages the customer shall cause in committing any illegal act.  


Social Security’s Best Kept Secret

img_1558If you, your children, your parents or your grandparents receive the benefits of Social Security, you are a Socialist.

On August 14,1945, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act passed by Congress.  It was a social insurance program designed to pay retired workers age 65 or older a continuing income after retirement.  It also covers disability and survivors insurance.

It is an earned benefit. It was an insurance program where workers, through and with their employers, paid a premium to cover their expenses after retirement.  It was intended to be like modern day car, home, or health insurance.

Unfortunately Congress treats the fund as its own personal “petty cash”.

What is more unfortunate, bordering on criminal is that the cap on employer and the individuals contribution is $128,400.  That’s correct; if your income is $1,000,000 you will not be required to contribute to Social Security on $871,600 of your income.

And lastly is the fact that the security systems for our elderly, disabled and survivors exist no longer.  Children cannot or will not take care of their parents.  The state and churches are no longer taking full responsibility.  It is highly unlikely that they can or will be able to step up.