Trump’s AG

Following his master’s lead when it comes to the “Other”. Will you be an “Other” when the President fully releases his AG? When will the poor, those not making a living wage, the jobless, the homeless, the farmers, the starving children, the young girls, and all who are non-white get their AG?



#1 High Speed Chases

Unless it is in pursuit of someone who has or is about to do physical harm to a another person, why endanger our officers and the population in the area of the chase? How do we justify putting our officers and our civilians in jeopardy over stolen property. With modern technology there is no reason to chase. There are non-lethal means to follow suspects like red light cameras, security cameras, stops etc.

Is it a matter of police ego?
Is it a matter of finally being able to drive as fast as the patrol car can go?
Is it giving into the adrenalin rush of predator vs. prey?

#2 Who Should Authorize High Speed Chases?

I can answer this one. It should be anyone besides the officers involved in answering the call. Or
It could be as simple as answering a couple of questions:
#1. Has a person been injured or about to be injured?
If the answer is yes, go to question #2.
#2. Would high speed pursuit increase the possibility of injury to officers and civilians?
If the answer is yes, do not pursue high speed chase but continue to follow at a distance which will not encourage the accused to speed. Use other police procedures to apprehend.

Comments, discussions, etc. appreciated.

Why The Secret?

We are educated in our traffic laws.  We must stop at “Stop” signs.  We must stop when a traffic light turns red.  We had to know these aspects of traffic law before we could get a license.

Why then is the public not informed or educated as to when the police may use force or “deadly” force.  Why are these protocols kept secret.  For that matter shouldn’t they be taught as well as traffic laws.

If I know that asking an officer why I am being detained means that he may use force, shouldn’t that be information that would be helpful to both me and the officer trying to do his duty.

Do you as a non law inforcement citizen know the protocol of you local policle, sheriff, and highway patrol for the following:

– a citizen demands to know why he is being detained,

– a citizen asks for an officer’s badge number or name,

– a citizen refuses to get face down on the ground,

– a citizen puts his hand in his pocket while being questioned,

– a citizen runs away,

– a citizen flees the scene in a non-violent incident,

– in which situations may an officer engage in a high speed chase and in what kind of places such as residential neighborhoods, highly congested areas, etc.,

– in which situations may an officer draw his weapon,

– under what circumstances may he fire that weapoon,

– is an officer required to use other means of resolving a conflict before he resorts to physical force?

I remind you that the question was whether you “know” not whether you think, guess, or have heard.

If you don’t know, does government and its law enforcement officers share in the responsibility of keeping you informed?

Please feel free to share your comments.