It should be evident to even the Trumpsters that what the Republicans want is for the elderly (who are on Social Security. Medicare or Disability ) and the working poor (who are on Medicaid) and people of color (who are dispropornately affeced) to die. How can I charge that?

Why is he holding back on testing?

Why else would he want he elderly to attend his pep-rallys?

Why would he want to curtail testing?

Why isn”t his administration seeing that there are adequate medical protections for our health care workers?

Why does FEMA send “junk” to the providers in nursing homes?

Why has he silenced the CDC?


The death of these non-one percenters are the only hope this president and his Senators have of gettng elected.

At the same time, their deaths would decrease payments for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid freeing up mney to dealwith the exploding debt they created with their first stimulus to the one percent.

Wake up!



NOW, that the President has declared a victory over Covid-19 and is dismantling the Covid-19 Task Force led by the Vice President, can the Senate led by Mitch Mconnel try him on his impeachable offences, find him guilty and remove him from office?

It would be too late for the 100s of thousands of our citizens who will have lost their lives because this President refused to recognize the danger and do his duty for his citizens.  That would be for the citizens other than his friends, grifters and money makers.

This is on you Mitch and your Republican cronies have stood by and watched while Nero fiddled and Rome burnt.  You, Mitch are the modern Nero.

Quid Pro Quo issue made simple

Quid pro quo is not the problem.  Diplomats do quid pro quo (one thing given in exchange for another) for the benefit of the country and its citizenry.

What is problematic and impeachable about Trump’s or his minions quid pro quo is that the quid pro quo is for the benefit of the President Donald Trump’s reelection.  The quo is not even his to give.  As a matter of fact, the military aid he was holding hostage to help his political campaign was voted for by the Congress to be given to Ukraine to benefit the furthering of democracy in that country and it’s fight against the Russian invaders.  Therefore, the aid was not his to give or withold.