Thirty pieces of silver

We sell out our country and our people to Saudi Arabia and Canada to get a pipeline we, the people, don’t need or want for a fuel that will be obsolete. Also remember that this is continuing because of an order by a man who thinks he is king for the benefit of another monarch.


Please help to get the media to stop calling ISIS a militant Muslim organization.  ISIS is a militant terrorist organization.  It is no more Muslim than the KKK is Christian.

This constant miss labeling by the media and politicians prevents us from dealing with this bunch of thugs, criminals and perverts in a realistic way.  Also, if we get rid of that Muslim label, other middle eastern countries will be more willing to step up and get rid of ISIS.  I believe that it is that militant Muslim label that keeps Saudi Arabia and Israel from addressing this scourge on their region.

Where are the middle eastern countries in this fight?  Why aren’t they making a coalition to defeat this organized crime element?  If they can’t be bothered, than why should we?

Please get in touch with your favorite talking head and your congressman.